About SLF

Our Mission


The Samuel Lawrence Foundation (SLF) strives to promote human interaction and encourage broader community access to science, education, and the arts.

Our Vision


SLF believes breakthrough happens by working at the intersection of science, education, and the arts. Standing alone, each area fulfills a vital function. Standing together, they provide for the well-being of the earth and its people. 

SLF acts as a “community engagement bridge,” connecting local and international groups to move forward with bold vision and actions to address and impact some of the most pressing needs facing our nation and the world.

All SLF programs and projects demonstrate the power of our guiding principles:


New solutions require new voices and new ways to partner across sectors. Different perspectives help us make better decisions. Collaboration provides a powerful platform for problem solving and strategic joint action.

Shared Learning

Learning together, across professions and disciplines, creates relationships of trust and builds understanding. Conflicting positions can be minimized, encouraging a broader collective solution. It helps us see what’s working and what isn’t.


Creativity, risk-taking, and can-do spirit must be nurtured in collaborative work. When people get stuck, teamwork gives rise to creativity and breakthroughs. Innovation emerges.

Donate Today

SLF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supported by grants and individual community members.  Your donations made to SLF are tax-deductible and will fund advancements in science, education, and the arts.

We accept gifts of cash, credit card (via PayPal) as well as mailed checks. We also accept donations of securities and funds through our brokerage account.

Checks may be addressed to:
The Samuel Lawrence Foundation
PO Box F, Del Mar, CA 92014