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The Arts provide the window to the soul of our culture. Art communicates ideas; creates a sense of wonder; and explores the nature of perception. SLF encourages and provides broader access to the arts for all ages, but especially for students with limited access. Examples of our continuous advocacy of the arts include brightening neighborhoods with playful utility box art, introducing dance movement and music to Head Start children, and supporting artists who share their creativity with the world.

We believe creativity is an essential component of the scientific process as it is to educational and artistic methods. SLF is engaged in a wide range of program and project efforts in these three areas because of the belief that change happens when collaboration, shared learning, and innovation are the guiding principles of addressing specific concerns. Addressing specific concerns inevitably leads to building bridges and sharing resources to address overarching core issues—which is where unrealized innovation emerges when human potential is challenged.


Head Start Movement

SLF Direct Program   |   Launched in 2006   |   3 classes per week

Head Start Movement teaches dance movement, rhythm and music appreciation to children aged three to five in public schools in Solana Beach, Encinitas, and Leucadia.  is an expansion of the Head Start program in San Diego County which pairs pre-ballet movement lessons, music appreciation, and rhythm to students in Solana Beach, Leucadia and Encinitas. A professional dance instructor designed the curriculum to offer underserved communities with the knowledge and opportunity. The Samuel Lawrence Foundation has helped provide funding to continue and develop the project throughout the rest of San Diego. This educational innovation has become a permanent fixture in the school district.

Alongside credentialed Head Start instructors the dance instructor leads classes for 70 to 80 children aged three to five years.  Following its success, the Movement Project has been introduced into Encinitas and Leucadia schools and SLF continues to support its expansion throughout the San Diego region.

It instills both the joy and discipline of dance movement during the early critical growth period in physiological and brain development.  The HEAD START project brings opportunity and benefits of formal training in classical movement to children of low socio-economic backgrounds.

Dually Noted

Mission: “Breaking Barriers between artists and audiences by breaking bread”

Fiscal Sponsee   |   Launched 2017   |   6 events / year  |

Dually Noted expands the arts scene and grows classical music audiences by presenting engaging programs using food and music pairings.  It is a unique sensory and social experience that allows people to see classical music up-close in a personalized, intimate setting. Additionally, Dually Noted’s aims to connect underserved communities with classical music educational experiences. The Dually Noted educational program teaches new listeners about classical music using the same cross-sensory method to convey the importance and relevance of this art form today.

San Diego Symphony and San Diego Unified School District

The SLF and the San Diego Symphony to welcome nearly 1,000 students with their families from diverse backgrounds to attend a classical symphony concert free of cost.  Our initiative allowed for students district-wide to attend this enriching experience.


Access to the Arts

Access to art, dance, music

SLF Direct Program   |   Launched in 2010

SLF connects youth and their families with enriching experiences in the arts across music and dance.  Annually the SLF partners with various performing arts groups to provide families and youth tickets to music and dance performances. We believe this opportunity for students and their families to attend a classical symphony concert or ballet performance free of cost enriches our collective community appreciation of the impact the arts have in society.


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