Environment Programs

San Onofre & Beyond

SLF Program: Launched in 2009    
The Samuel Lawrence Foundation aims to create and support a multi-faceted and multi-sectored collaboration to consider alternatives that ensure safe nuclear waste storage at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. SLF is determined to facilitate a consensus-building process that breaks through this current barrier by synthesizing the research and expertise of global nuclear scientists and industry experts and engaging public officials, citizens, and activists to create informed solutions. By operating at the intersection of nuclear science, community engagement, and politics, SLF is cultivating a more positive climate for local, regional, and national collaboration nuclear energy issues. See our Nuclear Safety Section for more


Mission: To inspire youth to save our planet

Fiscal Agentry   |   Partnered in 2016/2017  |  Website:https://toptotop.org/

TOP to TOP is an organization that seeks to inspire all children for a better future. A Swiss family, along with volunteers, share the joy of sport and environmental action and protect the climate while educating young people all over the world. By boat, by foot, and by bike, the family delivers critical messages of climate change and continues to build a strong network of global ambassadors to protect our climate. They have educated over 100,000 students across the globe on the benefits of recycling, reducing waste, and limiting carbon footprint. Their global climate expeditions over the 7-seas and 7-summits is truly groundbreaking.

“We can no longer close our eyes to the increasingly severe weather and higher tides happening in many places around the world.  We have a moral obligation to our children to protect them and that means preparing for and tackling climate change starting now.”


Uniontown, Alamabma

SLF Program: http://blackbeltcitizens.org/

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation partners with Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health and Justice to help the community of Uniontown, Alabama fight for justice. Uniontown, Alabama is a textbook example of environmental racism. SLF is working with researcher and legal experts to gather hard evidence and build a legal case demanding equal rights for the community. Current research is focused on monitoring air pollution and health effects. Despite Uniontown’s hardships, BBC and SLF continue to advance community engagement and interactive educational programs.