Environment Programs

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation acts as a “community engagement bridge,” connecting local and international environmental groups to move forward with bold vision and actions to address some of the most pressing needs facing our nation and the world. Whether advocating for safer storage configurations of nuclear waste, climate change education, or promoting environmental justice, we encourage collaboration and innovation.

San Onofre & Beyond

Mission: Advocating for safer storage of nuclear waste 

Direct Program   |   Launched in 2009     

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation aims to create and support a multi-faceted and multi-sectored collaboration to consider alternatives that ensure safe nuclear waste storage at the closed San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. SLF is determined to facilitate a consensus-building process that breaks through this current barrier by synthesizing the research and expertise of global nuclear scientists and industry experts and engaging public officials, citizens, and activists to create informed solutions. By operating at the intersection of nuclear science, community engagement, and politics, SLF cultivates a positive climate for local, regional, and national collaboration on nuclear energy issues. See our Nuclear Safety section.


Mission: To inspire youth to save our planet

Fiscal Agentry   |   Partnered in 2016  |  Website: http://toptotop.org/

TOP to TOP seeks to inspire all children for a better future. The Swiss family, along with volunteers, share and spread the joy of sports and environmental action. Through various means of travel, the family delivers critical messages of climate change and continues to build a strong network of global ambassadors to protect our climate. They have educate over 100,000 students on the benefits of recycling, reducing waste, and limiting carbon footprint. Their global climate expeditions across the 7-seas and 7-summits are truly groundbreaking.

BlackBelt Women Rising

Mission: To provide services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault

Fiscal Agent   |   Partnered in 2020  

BlackBelt Women Rising is dedicated to serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault through culturally sensitive services. Through prevention education and court advocacy efforts, the Uniontown-based organization provides community members the access to resources. Training workshops and presentations are held at women shelter, community events, and first responder work places. Their goal is to encourage women advocate for their safety and increase awareness of prevention education.

Climate Change

Mission: To work towards a sustainable future

Direct Program   |   Launched in 2018   

With the growing concern with global climate change, the Samuel Lawrence Foundation works with inspired individuals and change-making organizations working towards a better, more sustainable future. SLF facilitates communications between NASA climate scientist, Peter Kalmus, and San Diego climate scientists. Inspired by the youth, SLF joins community advocates and educational efforts in support of a clean energy mix that does not include nuclear power.

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