Nuclear Waste Resources

The Good, The Bad

& The Ugly

  • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station closed in 2013. That's good.

  • It has left behind 1,775 tons of high-level nuclear waste. That's bad. 

  • They're burying in thin-walled canisters at the beach. That's really bad. 

  • When the storage canisters remain buried on-site site, they can corrode. San Onofre Nuclear could become the world's worst environmental catastrophe.

Addressing the Issues

  • Stop loading nuclear waste into steel canisters at San Onofre.

  • Complete an independent risk analysis of Southern California Edison’s nuclear waste handling procedures and certifications.

  • Require the use of reliable canisters which may be thoroughly inspected, monitored, and repaired in an on-site facility to handle and repair canisters.

  • Demand the canisters be stored at an acceptable storage facility at a significantly higher elevation.

  • Insist that the federal government open a technically defensible, consent-based, permanent nuclear waste disposal site.

What can we do?

How can we impact the issue?

  • Read up. Learn more from our San Onofre efforts and press coverage. 

  • Share these materials with friends and family! Get people talking, writing and joining our campaign to demand safer storage for San Onofre’s nuclear waste.

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  • Donate. Please make a tax-deductible donation to The Samuel Lawrence Foundation so we are able to improve the findings on the nuclear waste issue at San Onofre and Beyond.

  • Visit our partner organizations.

Who do we Ask for Change?

  • Your State and Federal elected representatives 

Additional Resources

Organizational Partners

San Onofre Safety provides years of documents on dry storage, safety issues, health risks, and nuclear waste transportation.

Fairewinds provides easy to understand information on the basics of nuclear power, waste, spent fuel and meltdowns.  

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