Our Story

Our Story and Foundation Namesake

 The Samuel Lawrence Foundation (SLF) was launched in 2010 to increase community engagement with generations opportunities and concerns. We often go by SLF. Don’t be confused by the word, “foundation,” we are a doing organization that delivers direct programs. From time to time, we act as a modest grant maker by giving microgrants to support reports or arts projects. In addition to direct programs, we incubate eight incredible community organizations as their fiscal sponsor, providing structure and coaching at no cost.

The organization’s namesake is Samuel Lawrence, a bright light who held a lifelong enthusiasm for science, education, and the arts. The multi-talented Samuel had a profound impact on everyone he met, and inspired in others the qualities of scholarship, innovation and creativity he so prized. Our mission honors his legacy and the community values of integrity, kindness, conscience, and humanitarianism.

SLF advances positive change and improves quality of like with programs across the pillars of science, education, and the arts.We act on critical environmental, health, and justice issues across these areas. Many of our programs exist at the intersection of these pillars. The education programs include arts and science, and the science includes arts and education.

We’ve identified that SLF’s strength is filling the final gaps that keep programs form becoming operational or efficient. Our team has grown adept at finding inspirational people and groups who fit this profile and benefit form our encouragement and network to meet their goals. Together, we have great impact.

Roughly half of SLF’s time and resources are dedicated to advocacy for the ongoing vigilance, scientific inquiry, and community organizing around the risks of long-term radioactive waste storage at San Onofre nuclear power plant. We’ve put on coalitions with heads of state, launched regional coalitions, written opinion pieces, and educated legislators. Our work informs people of the environmental hazards in their backyard, and what they may do about it.

SLF exists to unite people in the pursuit of a healthier way of life. Students, artists, professors, and business folk all gather at our forums to discuss solutions to shared issues. We inspire communities to tackle generations problems through our three-pillar vision (science, education, and the arts) and centering community voice. We’re on a mission to defy the impossible, and hope you’ll join us.

Donate Today

SLF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supported by grants and individual community members.  Your donations made to SLF are tax-deductible and will fund advancements in science, education, and the arts.

We accept gifts of cash, credit card (via PayPal) as well as mailed checks. We also accept donations of securities and funds through our brokerage account.

Checks may be addressed to:
The Samuel Lawrence Foundation
PO Box F, Del Mar, CA 92014