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Arts provide the window to the soul of our culture. Art communicates ideas, creates a sense of wonder, and explores the nature of perception. SLF encourages and provides broader access to the arts for all ages, but especially for students with limited access. We believe creativity is as essential to the scientific process as it is to educational and artistic processes.

Dance Start

Mission: To instill a sense of joy and discipline that accompanies dance movement for young children enrolled in Head Start

Direct Program | Launched in 2009

Dance Start (formerly Dance Connection for Kids) seeks to enrich the education and development of children enrolled in Head Start by teaching dance movement. The program teaches choreography, rhythm, and music appreciation during 50 of the 52 weeks of the year at three Head Start Centers in North County San Diego. Our program democratizes dance and leads to more diverse representation in dancers and instruction. The Samuel Lawrence Foundation provides funding and aims to develop the project throughout the rest of San Diego.


Dually Noted

Mission: To break barriers between artists and audiences by breaking bread

Fiscal Sponsoree | Partnered in 2017 | Website:

Dually Noted expands the arts scene and grows classical music audiences by presenting an engaging classical music dining event. The Samuel Lawrence Foundation helps provide connections and funds to continue this unique sensory and social experience, allowing people to appreciate classical music up-close in a personalized, intimate setting. This musical program exposes listeners to classical music using cross-sensory methods to convey the importance and relevance of this art form today.

Access to Music Campaign

Mission: To connect youth and families to enriching experiences in the arts

Direct Program | Launched in 2010

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation connects youth and their families with enriching experiences in the arts across music and dance. Annually, SLF partners with various performing arts groups to provide families and youth tickets to music and dance performances. We believe this opportunity for students and their families to attend a classical symphony concert or ballet performance free of cost cultivates our collective community appreciation of the impact the arts have in society.


Voices of Our City Choir

Mission: To connect youth and families to enriching experiences in the arts

Previous Fiscal Sponsoree | Partnered in 2016 | Website:

SLF served as the Choir’s fiscal sponsor until 2018 when the group successfully launched under their own nonprofit tax status. Voices of Our City Choir is a choir for people experiencing homelessness in San Diego. The organization aims to transform the perception and experience of homelessness by building bridges that connect diverse communities in positive ways through musical performance, advocacy, and education. The Samuel Lawrence Foundation helped Voices of Our City Choir through their developmental phases and continues to enthusiastically support the nonprofit.

Symphony Meets Science

Mission: To connect youth and families to enriching experiences in the arts

Fiscal Agentry | Partnered in 2016 | Website:

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation partnered with the Association for Research in Otolarynology (ARO) to present an evening of science and music. The concert connected hearing scientists, musicians, young people, and the community to the science of sound. This special event, held at Balboa Theatre, included music from Danny Green Trio and Mainly Mozart Quartet, paired with a multimedia presentation from three renowned hearing scientists. By bridging science and music into a harmonious concert, SLF amplified community engagement and community understanding.

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