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Write a Support Letter

We are enlisting Californians to put their concerns about radiation from nuclear power plants into writing.

Would you write a personal letter of 3-5 sentences that says why you care about radiation getting into the environment?
Anyone — of any age or background — is welcome to write. The most powerful letters are those bearing official signatures and letterhead of an organization or entity. For inspiration, refer to these Support Letter Examples. We will deliver all the letters to the California Senate President Toni Atkins, who will work with Governor Newsom to take action on dangerous radioactive waste.

Take Other Actions

Open Letter to California Leaders: Where is the Action on Nuclear Waste?

We stand for the secure containment of radioactive material to ensure the protection of our environment, economy and way of life.

We are deeply concerned about the stranding of high-level waste along our waterways and communities at the four California nuclear power plants: Humboldt Bay, Rancho Seco, Diablo Canyon and San Onofre. Contamination from failed nuclear waste storage would affect all of us equally.

 We call for the government, utility and manufacturer accountability to prevent risks associated with the indefinite storage of nuclear waste at reactor sites.  Best practices in canister selection and management of nuclear waste is not being carried out by utilities, or private nuclear waste contractors.  This behavior demonstrates major policy gaps and risks that the state must address immediately.

We challenge elected leaders to:

  1.  Restrict the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) decommissioning funds until canisters can be inspected, monitored, repaired and transported via methods verified by an independent party;
  2.   Establish independent, real time monitoring of the environment surrounding storage facility
  3.   Require utilities to establish funding reserves from utility resources to cover emergency response to radiation releases, as long as radioactive material is on-site; and
  4.   Task appropriate state agencies to study and propose potential interim storage sites in California for the nuclear waste generated here.

We call for California’s leaders to take up their charge to protect the residents, environment and economy of California.

Sign a Petition for Congress to Fund Cancer Research

We request that our representatives in Congress seek funding from the House Appropriations Committee for the commencement of research recommended by the National Academy of Science in a 2015 report entitled, Analysis of Cancer Risks in Populations Near Nuclear Facilities.

This is a scientific endeavor which will improve our understanding of cancer, the leading cause of death in California. It is especially important for women, children, and the human fetus who are much more vulnerable to the biological effects of harmful ionizing radiation.

Nuclear Waste Policy Request

We call for California’s leaders to fulfill their duty to protect the residents, environment, and economy of California. Use your voice to advocate for more stringent nuclear waste policy. Fill out the call to action card and send it

Use your voice to advocate for more stringent nuclear waste policies by downloading and filling out the call to action postcard below. Completed cards can be emailed to chelsi@samuellawrencefoundation.org or mailed to P.O. Box F, Del Mar, CA 92014.