The Samuel Lawrence Foundation is on a mission to strengthen community connections to science and the arts. Launched in 2010, SLF fosters engagement in creative endeavors and participation in matters of scientific concern. We are leading opponents of the nuclear waste storage near San Onofre State Beach.

We deliver programming and support partner organizations to better serve the community. Today, we are the fiscal sponsor to eight nonprofits. We are proud to assist our sponsorees with coaching to strengthen their operations and increase their presence in the community.

Together with our partners, SLF pushes for positive change across the pillars of science, education and the arts. Our work directs basic principles of justice, equity and inclusion toward goals of peace and environmental sustainability. We identify and engage inspirational, likeminded individuals and groups. Together, we have great impact.

SLF dedicated significant resources toward addressing the radioactive waste stranded at the closed San Onofre nuclear power plant. We continue to lead the scientific inquiry, vigilance and community education that are so critical when challenging an investor-owned utility. To that end, we sponsor international conferences that bring together public officials, academics and industry experts. Under the Samuel Lawrence Foundation banner, we have published numerous opinion pieces to draw attention to this important topic. Our steady stream of digital communications informs the public and shows what they can do to help.

Across our initiatives, we spotlight issues that directly impact wellbeing in our increasingly interdependent world. We provide an open forum for artists, academics, business and community leaders to debate solutions to shared concerns. Together, we can tackle generational problems to build equitable, inclusive communities.

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation is named after the co-founder’s father, whose lifelong enthusiasm for science, education and the arts inspired his family to strengthen communities.