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Photo & Video Contest for California King Tides and Big Swells

King tides and big swells are upon us the month of January along the California coastline and the Samuel Lawrence Foundation is challenging all photographers and videographer to send their best shots of the ocean crashing into the seawall at the old San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and at Avila Beach close to Diablo Nuclear Power Plant. 

“Southern California Edison is storing 3.6 million pounds of deadly, radioactive waste right on the other side of the seawall and San Onofre.”  Samuel Lawrence Foundation

At Diablo, "this plant is so dangerous, old and needs serious safety updates.  The plant's cooling system is so outdated that it is now illegal in California due to its harmful impact on marine life." Mother's for Peace 

We’re asking anyone who captured these great waves during the largest swell in 15 years the weekend of January 6th, and King Tide January 21st and 22nd, to send us their photos and videos to enter our contest!

King Tides and big swells like these, which caused major damage throughout the Golden State of California, shows us what a future of sea-level rise will look like on our coastline and coastal communities.  In addition, how detrimental this is to San Onofre, which is the most dangerous nuclear waste dump in the nation.  And Diablo Nuclear Power Plant which is fatally deteriorated, and needs to be shut down, and not have its license extended.  These two radioactive locations are deemed the next Fukushima's.  


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