On San Onofre’s panel’s commentary – we disagree

A Sept. 18 commentary in The Coast News made an important point, one we agree with 100 percent, right in the headline: “Next at San Onofre? Remove the fuel.” From there, however, the piece was signed by three members of Southern California Edison’s… Read more here

Edison panel should build trust, not stone walls

Southern California Edison’s ratepayer-funded Community Engagement Panel is a sham. The panel’s brand of public outreach is quick to advance the utility’s agenda but sluggish, if not silent, in responding to tough questions. At this point, panelists have… Read more here

Encinitas Environmental Commission reviews safety concerns

The Encinitas Environmental Commission last Thursday passed a report advocating for the city’s divestment from fossil fuels, discussed EDCO’s recycling initiatives, and reviewed safety concerns at San Onofre Nuclear… Read more here

The nuclear industry doesn’t deserve a $50 billion subsidy

When the spigot opens for the $3 trillion infrastructure bill, the nuclear industry doesn’t deserve one dime. Unfortunately, the legislation sets aside up to $50 billion to keep clunky, old nuclear reactors running for the next decade. With each electron the inefficient plants… Read more here