Unsung Heroes and Heroines

We’re continually inspired by individuals and groups that demonstrate leadership and enhance our communities. We feature these instrumental efforts in order to help foster connection and collaboration. Click the tabs to view each Unsung Hero-ine:

Research: To systematically study East Asian medical texts to identify innovative and inexpensive approaches to a variety of contemporary global health challenges. 

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation proudly supports the work of Dr. Edward Neal, MD for his groundbreaking work on the reinterpretation of early Chinese medical texts using the techniques of classical text-based archeology and database driven character research. This work has led to an entirely new interpretation of these early texts, providing new ideas for diseases such as cancer and resistant infectious diseases.

Spotlight Work: Twenty Years of Neijing Research: What Has Been Learned (February 2021)

A San Diego non-profit established with the goal of enabling every person in the world to realize their right to a quality education, by supporting the creation, adaptation and distribution of open educational resources.


Colombia-based research and advocacy organization dedicated to the strengthening of the rule of law and the promotion of social justice and human rights in Colombia and the Global South.

Quest Research Program at Canyon Crest High School is designed to provide for students who are motivated by curiosity and are capable of independent learning with an authentic science experience. Students engage in all aspects of science and will have the opportunity to observe and conduct original scientific research. Students read scientific journal articles, develop hypotheses, collect and analyze data and eventually present their findings.

Fairewinds Energy Education is dedicated to furthering public understanding of nuclear power and other energy issues through educational sources.


Greg Jaczko, author of “Confessions from a Rogue Nuclear Regulator,” is a nuclear and public policy expert who advocates for safer storage of all spent nuclear fuel.


San Clemente Green is a grassroots organization comprised of citizens advocating for a sustainable future, as well as many other local issues like nuclear energy

Hanford Challenge aims to create a future for the Hanford Nuclear Site that secures human health and safety, advance accountability, and promotes a sustainable environmental legacy.



Dr. Tom English is a nuclear energy expert who has advised the top U.S. government organizations. Dr. English continues to advocate for clean energy solutions.


The Ocean Futures Society explores our ocean, while inspiring and educating people on the importance of wise environmental policies.

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