Help Protect Our Coast

Help us oppose the Coastal Commission’s approval of Southern California Edison’s plan to demolish San Onofre spent fuel pools.

Spent fuel pools could be used to contain radiation in an emergency and provide a safe location to repair or replace damaged storage canisters.

Open Letter to California Leaders: Where is the Action on Nuclear Waste?

We stand for the secure containment of radioactive material to ensure the protection of our environment, economy and way of life.

Supporting Science, Education & the Arts

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Dedicated to Building Community Voices

Voices of Our City Choir

Created in response to the San Diego housing crisis, this choir is changing the perception of homelessness through the healing power of the arts.

Floating Classrooms in Bangladesh

Flooding overwhelms this high-density population in Bangladesh. Discover the innovative system of floating schools which have educated over 90,000 students in monsoon-ridden shoreline communities.

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October 2021: Oil Spill Exposes Gaps in Nuclear Waste Safety

On the topic of environmental disasters, could you imagine trying to deal with contamination from a far deadlier kind of waste that you can’t see or smell and that remains toxic for hundreds of thousands of years? The oil spill has us thinking about the state of nuclear waste safety.

September 2021: Finding the Good after an Unfavorable Ruling

Earlier this month, a Superior Court judge handed down an unfavorable ruling regarding our lawsuit to protect our coast from nuclear waste. Despite this decision, we are not finished fighting for the safety of our community and environment.

August 2021: International News on Nuclear Waste

Check out our latest SLF newsletter to read an international perspective on the issues facing San Onofre and learn more about Coalition for Nuclear Safety’s recent discussion with Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear

August 2021: A Nationwide Pileup of Nuclear Waste

Learn about the national issue of nuclear waste, view endorsements of our current lawsuit, and access resources on San Onofre.

July 2021: Demanding Action on Nuclear Waste

Learn about Rep. Mike Levin’s newly formed bipartisan Spent Nuclear Fuel Solutions Caucus, read updates on our lawsuit and meet new SLF staff!

June 2021: San Onofre Trial Begins but Does Not End

Our lawsuit has been covered in multiple stories! Access links to the articles in our newsletter.

National Coverage of SLF’s Lawsuit on MSNBC



On June 3, 2021, SLF’s lawsuit for the improved management of the radioactive waste at San Onofre was featured by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC’s The Last Word (watch here). Congressman Mike Levin (D-CA) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the environmental and human impact that radioactive waste has on the millions of people who live near San Onofre.

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As a 501(c)(3), SLF hosts public events, performances, and builds awareness of powerful issues through programs across education, science and the arts.  

Micro-grant funding enables us to have broad outreach. Grants present a critical investment opportunity for inspired individuals and organizations to empower our community.


3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste at San Onofre and the threat to public safety


From the microbiome to ecological studies, we fund a wide range of scientific explorations


As a bridge to shared learning, we promote programs from STEAM to garden education


Providing broader access to the arts for all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds


Recognizing outstanding individuals and groups that go above and beyond in their field

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