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The Samuel Lawrence Foundation is on a mission to strengthen community connections to science and the arts.

About the Samuel Lawrence Foundation

Launched in 2010, SLF fosters community engagement in creative endeavors and participation in local and global matters of scientific concern. We are unrelenting opponents of the nuclear waste storage near San Onofre State Beach.

We serve our community by delivering the programming and support our partner organizations need, and as the fiscal sponsors to eight nonprofits, we coach and strengthen their operations to increase their presence in the community.


The San Onofre Situation


SLF dedicated significant resources toward addressing the ongoing issue of radioactive waste improperly stranded at the closed San Onofre nuclear power plant. We continue to mitigate the irresponsibility of the situation with the vigilant scientific inquiry and community education critical in challenging an investor-owned utility.

Working Together

Banding together with other likeminded individuals and groups alike, SLF operates under the basic principles of justice, equity and inclusion to effect positive change across the pillars of science, education and the arts. Our goal is a peaceful and environmentally sustainable future for the world. 


Under the Samuel Lawrence Foundation banner, we have sponsored international conferences and seminars that bring together public officials, esteemed academics as well as leading industry experts around the topic of nuclear safety. We also provide an open forum for artists, academics, business and community leaders to generate solutions to shared concerns.

Keeping You Informed

Ignorance is as much a danger as the nuclear risks we seek to resolve.  Through our newsletters and social media, the public can also receive steady streams of digital communications to stay informed and involved with issues directly impacting our community's wellbeing. Together, we know can tackle any generational problems to build equitable, inclusive communities in a safe, clean future.

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