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Risks of San Onofre Nuclear Waste

In 2021, SLF collaborated with the Coalition for Nuclear Safety (CNS). We released a summarized one-pager on the problems of the San Onofre nuclear waste site. We encourage you to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues to increase awareness on this critical issue that could affect millions of California residents. 

Potential Impact: What Could Lead to a Waste Storage Accident?

A Nationwide Pileup of Nuclear Waste

The issue of how best to store nuclear waste at San Onofre affects Californians across the state, but the problem extends far beyond our side of the country. In fact, nuclear waste is piled up at nearly 80 locations in 34 states. Of all the locations where nuclear waste is stranded, more than two dozen are on the grounds of shuttered plants. Some of those plants have been dismantled and removed altogether. But the waste stays behind, with nowhere to go.

We encourage you to view and share this map highlighting the widespread issue of nuclear waste storage in the United States.

San Onofre Radioactive Waste Poll Results

In February 2021, SLF collaborated with UCSD to survey registered voters in the County of San Diego and the County of Orange. The data makes clear that large majorities of registered voters in both counties are highly concerned about the potential consequences of storing radioactive waste at the San Onofre nuclear power plant and support more transparency form utility companies when it comes to radioactive waste storage.

The results further show that, after learning about the radioactive waste stored at San Onofre, an overwhelming majority support more aggressive federal, state, and local action to contain radioactive waste in order to protect the environment, the economy, and our communities.

Fukushima: Ongoing Lessons for California

Kate Brown -
Chernobyl is Not an Exception
(NEIS 5/26/22)

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Admiral Hering reveals the dangers of NRC and Edison’s Mismanagement of Nuclear Waste at San Onofre


Thomas English PhD,
Subrata Chakraborty PhD,
Len Hering Sr. RADM USN

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