About SLF

Our Mission

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation (SLF) strives to promote human interaction and encourage broader community access to science, education, and the arts.

Our Vision

SLF believes breakthrough happens by working at the intersection of science, education, and the arts. Standing alone, each area fulfills a vital function. Standing together, they provide for the well-being of the earth and its people. 

SLF acts as a “community engagement bridge,” connecting local and international groups to move forward with bold vision and actions to address and impact some of the most pressing needs facing our nation and the world.

All SLF programs and projects demonstrate the power of our guiding principles: collaboration, shared learning, innovation.

The SLF Model

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation (SLF) strives to promote human interaction and encourage broader community access to science, education, and the arts. Behind every successful SLF project are creative ideas, persistent hope, and clear communications, which invite others to be inspired and contribute their talent. We achieve this work by connecting with our community’s knowledge and collaborating on solutions. Our collective impact among direct programs and fiscal sponsorees is a testament to the power of collaboration and encouragement.

We are a small and agile team that creates space for people to volunteer their expertise and explore issues, without constraints. This type of unstructured working group allows for people to get into an imaginative headspace where they can feel comfortable to dream big and solve generational problems.

Our nonconventional and flexible approach is attractive to a variety of people. SLF serves as an outlet for people in academia, industry, military, and community who seek ways to apply their knowledge in innovative and rapidly-deployed solutions. Together we create a patchwork of visionaries who otherwise would not have met or worked together. We operate as an open-sourced and intergenerational group that lacks any sense of hierarchy. Students, artists, retired CEOs, scientists, and fashion models join around the table to discuss solutions to pressing issues. The benefit of our partnerships is a cross-pollination of ideas that go farther than the average nonprofit.

SLF Provides Value to our Community by:

  • amplifying and elevating community voices first
  • developing programs with precision to best meet needs
  • moving fast to respond to pressing issues
  • investing in the one unique gap that makes programs and research operational
  • researching, connecting to experts, and sorting information to find leverage points
  • consolidating the big picture and translating technical information into accessible materials

Donate Today

SLF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supported by grants and individual community members.  Your donations made to SLF are tax-deductible and will fund advancements in science, education, and the arts.

We accept gifts of cash, credit card (via PayPal) as well as mailed checks. We also accept donations of securities and funds through our brokerage account.

Checks may be addressed to:
The Samuel Lawrence Foundation
PO Box F, Del Mar, CA 92014