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First Friday Series: April 7th, 2023

ABOUT THIS WEBINAR Nuclear Winter: The Environmental Consequences of a Nuclear Exchange The Samuel Lawrence Foundation, in partnership with Environmental Working Group, proudly presents renowned atmospheric scientist, Professor Brian Toon, in an informative Zoom webinar titled "Nuclear Winter: The Environmental Consequences of a Nuclear Exchange." The webinar was broadcasted live on April 7th at 11:30 am PST / 2:30 pm EST, and features Professor Toon, providing a scientific assessment of the environmental risks and global impact of a nuclear exchange. The event was be moderated by Dr. Paul Dorfman, Chair of Nuclear Consulting Group and Research Fellow at SPRU University of Sussex, UK. Professor Toon shares his expertise with us, demonstrating a scientific assessment of agricultural failures, climate concerns, and complications with food supply that would follow any international nuclear conflict. His popular TED talk on this subject has 8.6 million views. “We need to plan how to prevent nuclear conflict and avoid catastrophe,” Professor Toon said. “Politicians and military planners must be made aware of global climate and agricultural complications that would ensue.” If you missed this opportunity to learn from and engage live with us, we have the recordings available in the platforms below. The transcript will be shortly available here as well. Stay tuned in with ​The Samuel Lawrence Foundation’s for future events, where we engage in compelling topics and speakers to work towards a better future for all!

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