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SLF Chronicles

Access the past and present of Samuel Lawrence Foundation's various involvements in nuclear news, sciences, arts, and education.

First Friday Series: October 6th, 2023


The recent dumping of 250,000 gallons of radioactive wastewater from Fukushima has garnered global outcry about the effects of adding radioactivity to our ecosystem.


Learn with us on October 6th about the consequences of radioactive exposures, studied by University of South Carolina Professor of Biological Sciences, Timothy Mousseau, PhD, and discover more about the effects of exposures to radionuclides such as tritium and many others.  


There’s a very clear link between the health of our oceans and the health of people,” says University of Hawaii Marine Biology Professor, Robert Richmond, PhD. “Human health and environmental health are tied together.

First Friday Series: August 4th, 2023

SLF FFS AUG 4 Henk Rogers_Mark Z Jacobson_Lance Gould 1920X1530 GENERAL_edited.jpg

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation is pleased to welcome Blue Planet Alliance Founder Henk Rogers and Stanford University's Professor Mark Z. Jacobson to our monthly First Friday webinar Aug. 4.

Moderating the discussion is Lance Gould, founder and CEO of Brooklyn Story Lab.


According to a UN report, we have less than seven years to change our destructive habits before we cause permanent harm to the planet. Our speakers will show that a sustainable future with renewable energy is entirely within reach.

First Friday Series: June 2nd, 2023


You’re invited to the Samuel Lawrence Foundation’s June 2nd First Friday Series Zoom briefing designed for members of Congress, their staffs, relevant federal agencies, and the media. It features leading indecent experts who have critically analyzed nuclear power’s potential role in fighting climate change.

First Friday Series: April 7th, 2023

Brian Toon April 7th.png

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation, in partnership with Environmental Working Group, proudly presents renowned atmospheric scientist, Professor Brian Toon, in this informative Zoom webinar titled "Nuclear Winter: The Environmental Consequences of a Nuclear Exchange."

The webinar was broadcasted live on April 7th at 11:30 am PST / 2:30 pm EST, and features Professor Toon, providing a scientific assessment of the environmental risks and global impact of a nuclear exchange. The event was be moderated by Dr. Paul Dorfman, Chair of Nuclear Consulting Group and Research Fellow at SPRU University of Sussex, UK. 


First Friday Series: February 3rd, 2023


This February 3rd, Please join us in speaking with physicists Edwin Lyman PhD, Union of Concerned Scientists, who will address security risks at our local San Onofre nuclear waste site.

First Friday Series: September 1st, 2023

SLF FFS SEPT 1_1920X1080.png

With “climate change” being a hot-button phrase that brings backlash and even death threats, how can reporters and meteorologists do their job — ensure that the public is engaged and informed?


Join us on September 1st where renowned meteorologist Chris Gloninger,  Lauren Casey, and John Morales come together to describe the challenges the media faces when reporting on climate change, and envision how the media can bridge the gap between scientists and the public to drive climate literacy and shape an informed climate future.

First Friday Series: July 7th, 2023

July 7 First Friday Series Email.png

Our fork is the greatest weapon against climate change. So says Nora LaTorre, CEO of Eat REAL. Nora is a food systems expert and sustainability leader who's on a mission to make our next generation healthier.


We are delighted to welcome her as our First Friday guest on July 7. Joining her is Sonia Hunt, an author and health and wellness expert.

First Friday Series: May 5th, 2023


Watch our webinar featuring two leading experts in their fields: author and journalist Joshua Frank and world-renowned communications expert Dr. Peter Andersen. The webinar, titled "The Hanford Dilemma: The Untold Story of America’s Most Toxic Place,"took take place on May 5th at 11:30 am PST / 2:30 pm EST. ​ 

First Friday Series: March 3rd, 2023


On March 3rd, the Samuel Lawrence Foundation's First Friday series hosted a thought-provoking webinar featuring two of the most influential environmental leaders of our time. In this free and open-to-the-public event, Stanford University Professor Mark Z. Jacobson discusses his groundbreaking book "No Miracles Needed: How Today's Technology Can Save Our Climate and Clean Our Air". Moderated by Ken Cook, President and Cofounder of Environmental Working Group (EWG), the webinar explores the most pressing climate issues facing our planet today.


First Friday Series: January 6th 2023


SLF's First Friday Series as moderated by Dr. Peter Andersen, Professor Emeritus at SDSU’s School of Communication. This meeting features Joseph Mangano MPH MBA,, who speaks on past and current research regarding the impact of nuclear power plants on public health in the United States, with special reference to our local San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. He then delivers a 15 minute presentation and Q + A session afterwards. Joseph Mangano MPH MBA is both an epidemiologist and Executive Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project. His work on the health hazards of nuclear reactors includes 39 peer-reviewed medical journal articles and 3 books, along with nearly 100 op-eds, letters to the editor, and articles in online publications. He directs a unique study of cancer risk using measurements of Strontium-90 in 100,000 baby teeth collected by Washington University during the 1960s.


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